Birch&Vine: Feature the Collections in Your Home

Introduce your home to the Modern Rustic collections of Birch&Vine

Are you looking for something amazing to decorate your space? Of course you are. And, if you’re like us, you’re on a pretty tight budget. After clothes for the kids, an insane grocery budget, toys, summer trips… how the heck can I even think about affording something new to decorate my home? Enter, Birch&Vine.

An authentic Birch&Vine piece

A new concept just founded last year, I was super lucky to come across the beautiful and affordable pieces featured at Birch&Vine. Check them out for yourself. PLEASE. All of their pieces are hand-crafted from start to finish. I, personally, love the Botanical collections. The Botanical Silhouettes are a perfect addition to rooms already decorated with succulents and houseplants (Ashley is currently OBSESSED with succulents right now). I also like the Botanical Monograms for the kids’ rooms.

2 pieces from Birch&Vine Botanical Monograms collection

The Signs of Love collection is wonderful for literally every space in your home. Many of the quotes and themes integrate seamlessly into the decor that we already have. I love it. And, with all their pieces ranging in price from $15 – $50 you can keep your new decor affordable. BONUS: you can also contact them directly for a custom piece.

Each piece is hand-wrapped for delivery

Check out Birch&Vine. The most convenient way to order is through Facebook and I know they plan to open up an Etsy shop in the near future. Other ways to discover are here:



Email the Artist Directly

Birch&Vine brings you the beautiful authenticity that is severely lacking in our mass-produced marketplace today. With the guarantee that every piece you buy is graced with a personal touch, these beautiful decorative pieces can also be great conversation-starters with friends & guests. Every piece comes with just $7 for shipping (or free porch pickup for local customers) and a satisfaction guarantee. Truly labors of love, each piece starts with a hand-cut and stained wood frame. Each wood plank is uniquely selected for its specific grain, knots, and other imperfections to help bring out the simple beauty and character in each piece. The wood is then cut, stained, and pieced together per the buyer’s instructions. Next, the piece is painted and colored to perfection. Owner and artist, Hannah Gatton, pays close attention to every minute detail in her work. All pieces are built to not just be beautiful, but are constructed to be durable and timeless works of art. Lastly, once complete, each piece is affixed with durable hanging hardware and a custom bronze “B&V” logo that give each piece that one-of-a-kind finishing touch that can only be found at Birch&Vine.

Durable custom hardware for hanging, affixed to every piece
The beautiful “B&V” logo built into every piece

If you are looking to enhance your home or buy a lovely gift for a friend, Birch&Vine is a great way to go. I recommend the site to all my friends & family, and I am convinced that, soon, you will too.

Owner/Artist Hannah Gatton works hard to make every piece perfect

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