Hello, Strawberry Season!

One of our favorite times of year is here. Yes, it’s time for strawberry-picking.

Last week, we visited Hann Farms on the south side of Columbus (near Obetz) for our first foray into the strawberry zone. Having never been there before, it was a new experience.

This was an impromptu visit and, as such, we did not come prepared with the proper rain boots and other mud-wear that we probably should have after a decent amount of rain. That being said, the kids had a blast and the strawberries were cheap. We got probably 5-ish pounds? of freshly-picked strawberries for less than $15. Not a bad deal. Be aware: they only accept cash as payment.

Landon (7) wanted to pick all the big ones

My Review

Overall, a decent and quick experience. It wasn’t too crowded and the folks working there were very nice. The strawberries are plentiful, large, and delicious. As mentioned above, the pricing was better than most and they allow you to bring your own container for strawberries The mud was a bit of a turn-off but that was to be expected with the recent rain.

You can see our kids going down the path, picking strawberries

The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

I wouldn’t visit probably more than once a season for my strawberry-picking, however. It is out by where my dad lives, so that makes it a convenient stop but other than that it doesn’t have a ton to offer that other u-pick places don’t. It’s pretty low-scale and didn’t appear to have any extra offerings (such as hay rides or kids play areas). The website suggested that blueberries are available later in the season, but I didn’t see any fields that looked like they had anything other than mud and when I asked the ladies working they just simply said that they only had strawberries.

My Favorite

After we got home, we of course made strawberry shortcakes and strawberry tarts. These are by-far my favorite parts of the whole thing. If I had a little less self-discipline I could probably eat strawberry tarts for breakfast, lunch, & dinner. 😋😋 Recipes for these desserts are pretty straightforward (& most of us should know them) but if anyone is interested in a couple quick recipes for strawberry-related things leave me a comment or shoot me a direct message through Facebook or my website. Enjoy your strawberries!

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Ava (4) and I working on our strawberry tarts
We are presenting the finished product

Ava doing a great job on her tart. She gave hers to our neighbors for them to enjoy. ☺️☺️

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