My Plug for Audible

I am the one who has always sworn off anything but the traditional book – ink and paper. I love the smell. I love going to the bookstores and exploring. I love the feeling of laying in bed and not knowing when I’ll be done reading. I love the sound of pages turning. So, let me make the case for Audible.

The Only Way to Absorb Information

I am a busy father of four, husband of one, and worker for six. I attend graduate school full-time in addition to working 50+ hours/week and, oh yeah – that “family” thing. Suffice it to say: I’m busy. But I’m not special. In this day and age, social norms in America almost require us to stretch our attention spans beyond their limits. For years, as my life slowly became filled with more and more responsibility, I would hear books advertised on radio or TV or see them in between Facebook posts. My lifelong love of reading ached for those books.

It was when I became a regional manager for a growing restaurant concept and , simultaneously, enrolled full-time in graduate school that my love of reading and my need to consume information collided, head-on. As you may imagine, I had to start some new habits of taking in and processing information quickly. However, my practical search led me to something a lot more satisfying. It led me to Audible.

Since my job required hours of driving per day, I started the free trial of Audible to listen to a textbook discussing subject matter related to my coursework in business. I got tons of info on a daily basis. I passed that exam quickly and with little difficulty. Mission accomplished. The next time I got in the car, though, something was missing. It was quiet. Boring. A waste of time. So I found a biography that I had been wanting to read for awhile now and started listening. It was amazing. It soon became routine to have a well-stocked wishlist so I could consume as many audiobooks as possible while on the road. I was in audiobook heaven.

Why Audiobooks? Why Audible?

I get that some of you out there still find a way to carve out the time for the old-fashioned books or ebooks. Well, God bless you. I envy you. If you take the train or bus to/from work, you should certainly never replace the traditional book for anything. But, for the rest of us readers-too-busy-to-read – it’s gotta be Audiobooks. Not only can we listen in the car, but we can stop-and-go throughout our daily routine. Turn it on while folding laundry, prepping lunch, while the baby takes a nap. I frequently play audiobooks on my Alexa while going to sleep or taking a shower.

But why Audible? I hate to be a sell-out, but the fact that they are owned by Amazon puts all the cards in their hand. Not only do they have more audiobooks than any other distributor, but they also have LOADS of original free content that will keep you busy when you can’t afford to re-up your membership.

Making the Case

Okay, time to close the deal. If you aren’t already sold on the idea, consider this: you can download and listen to your favorite podcasts; they have children’s books that can be read during daytime meltdowns or at night when your little night-owls just can’t get to bed; and, they offer dozens of presentations by “The Great Courses” for the same member price (1 credit) as any other book.

Podcasts speak for themselves (if you’re a podcast listener). The children’s stories work wonders when you need them. Long car rides and bed time are my faves. And, I like to pick books that are just a little above their actual reading level so that it’s introducing them to new sounds and vocabulary. Lastly, The Great Courses are absolutely fantastic. If you’ve never heard of them, Google them or follow the link I posted above. They cover topics ranging from the most academic to everyday self-help. How to communicate with difficult people and how to discipline your child are just a couple. Also, when they say “courses” – they mean it. These topics are often 16+ hours of lectures and/or material. If the topic interests you, you will come away with an education.

Okay that’s it. That’s my plug. Thanks!

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