5 Easter Traditions – Start Something New this Year 🐣

Well happy Easter (almost). I know – you may be dreading all the family stuff just like me. Which family activities are we going to attend? What excuses will we give to the ones we skip? Can we afford to travel? Which relatives (or in-laws) do we have to psychologically prepare ourselves WELL in advance for? Well I don’t have any good news in that department – it’s all still going to suck. HOWEVER…. I did come across some cool new traditions/activities to do with the wife and kids before all the drama:

1. Holy. Shit. Why did I never hear of this? PEEP S’MORES. They’re real. Make them.

2. 🌈 Rainbow pancakes, anyone? Ashley hates pancakes (why?????), but everyone in this house is nutty about them (even baby Levi)so I’m game. Let’s make this a new Easter morning tradition (just don’t use the same dye that you use on the eggs 🤢)

3. An oldie but a goodie – make sure you leave carrots out for the Easter Bunny 🐰 🥕 (don’t forget that the bunny will take some bites out of the carrots overnight!)

4. Kids take a bath with egg-shaped bath bombs. I guess you could do this Easter eve, or Easter night. The kids LOVE bath bombs and it’s a nice treat. The pastel colors will go well with Easter themes and get the kids pumped for the holiday. 🛁 🥚 (Buy some here at a decent price)

5. Something we currently do for all holidays is all go to the library and each person picks out a book or two related to the upcoming holiday or season. We then rotate reading the books each night throughout the season. I love reading with the kids and, of course, love anything that’s free. 😉

Give me some more ideas and I’ll post them!

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