15 Things to do This Summer

I’m not sure how I feel about summer anymore. I mean – I love the opportunity to do new things with the kids/family but, then again, I still have to work. So it’s usually me working and watching on Snapchat and Instagram while Ashley has most of the fun. HOWEVER, here’s a list of 20 things that I’m going to try to get involved in with Ashley and the kids this summer:

1. Make ice marbles

2. Go to a drive-in movie

3. Have a picnic (at the park or just in the back yard)

4. Go fishing

5. Go to the museum (on a rainy day)

6. Of course – go to a baseball game (or as many as we can)

7. Take a day-trip someplace new

8. Go to the zoo

9. Buy, build, and fly a kite with the kids (unfortunately this probably going to be an all-day experience)

10. Go to a u-pick farm for strawberries 🍓, peaches 🍑, and blueberries

11. Go to a new park or trail and EXPLORE

12. Make-your-own scavenger hunt in the backyard/neighborhood. Offer a prize for the kids when they complete it (I like ice cream here)

13. Go to a farmers market or a local fruit stand and try new things or have kids help cook dinner with ingredients they pick out

14. Catch fireflies!

15. Use a blender or food processor to make fresh-fruit popsicles (we’ve mixed coconut water with puréed strawberry, blueberry, and banana – kids liked the banana 🍌 the best)

Leave me some comments on your favs for summer and I can update the list!

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