Stocking the Van 

Yes – requirement #1 is that you must have a van. Maybe an SUV. But the van is ideal. Took me awhile to come around to the idea, but by kid #3 I accepted the reality that it was necessary. 

Anywho, I’m compiling a top-5 list for us to ensure that we never leave the house with less than what we need stocked in the van. Fill me in on anything that I missed and I will gladly expand the list 😁

1. Stick Family, Star Wars Family, Zombie Family or Some Other Sticker Telling the World How Miserable Your Life Is

We have buckeye stickers because we live in the great state of O-H-I-O, but you know the kind of stickers I’m talking about. These things are a MUST. (Ashley says don’t add one for the dog, but I say DO.) Why is this so important? It’s like a status symbol, a badge of honor, battle scars. 

2.  Minimum 1 Case of Energy Drinks

If you don’t know why then you shouldn’t have a van.

3. Wipes

We prefer Pampers but, really – any wipes will do. If you haven’t already figured it out, wipes are good for just about anything. They replace all Armor All and Windex that used to take up space in the glove compartment; they’re good for cleaning up any/all puke and poop messes (kids AND adults); and, they’re a good distraction and play-thing for our youngest on long trips (now 14-months old).

4. NOT an iPad (or comparable gadget)

Some of you may look @ me like I’ve got three heads here, but I’m serious! The iPad might shut them up during the drive but when drive time is over they will turn into even worse demon hallspawn than they were to begin with. You’re better off just getting through the drive the old-fashioned way with road games and music and enjoying your destination so much more.

5. Your phone

I know, I know – this is the opposite of what I just said in #4. But this is different. The phone is for us, not them. Remember that. The phone comes in handy on almost every drive and you’ve probably realized how much when you forgot to bring it with you. Directions to get to a new friend’s house. Adding that last-minute item to your grocery list. Spotify so you can listen to whatever. Calendar alerts so you don’t forget the crap you signed your kids up for today. Need I go on?

That’s my top five. Comment or message me on Facebook with more ideas.

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