NFL Fantasy Week 12

For most of us in season-long leagues Week 12 is either make-or-break for the playoffs (that’s me!) or we’ve already checked out this week because 1. You already clinched the playoffs or 2. You’ve been out of the playoff picture for awhile now. My only recommendation to those who are still in it: just go with what you know. So many people do themselves in by trying to pick that sleeper in the last couple weeks to get the edge – it very rarely works out. Just go with what’s done you well all season. Maybe put that sleeper on your bench in case they have breakout potential to help you in the playoffs.

For those checked out: have you tried Daily Fantasy Football? (DFF) I recently picked it up and it’s pretty interesting. For those that don’t know, they have almost daily contests of all different sorts and if you’re into fantasy sports, you’ll be into this (at least for a little while). I would encourage you to not get too carried away because if you blow it then you could blow a lot of money too.

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